Sometime in the next month I’ll finally be caving in and offer an exclusive 48 hour window where you can get all our designs on male tank tops.  I’m doing it #ForTheBros.

But until then you can still get all our weekly awesome here at ForHumanPeoples.

I’m a grown ass man… (X)

Two St. Louis Cops Killed A Man On Camera. (X)


I used to have a lot of respect for Phillip Defranco but he’s made it very clear that he’s just like all the other ignorant whites.

This was just too amazing not to reblog. 

Participation trophies are bullshit, and here’s why… (X)


I Hate You Dad! & Other Words I’m Scared Of… (X)

When one of your bros clutches Search and Destroy by himself.

I’m kind of digging Taylor Swift’s new look. (X)

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