Creator of the PDS, SourceFed, FHP, and probably some other stuff.

I hate you all forever… (X)

Always love having Hank Green’s scent around the office.  He’s okay too…I suppose.  :)

This is essentially my San Diego Comic-Con 2014 in a nutshell. (X)

Regarding SourceFed Changes

If you follow them on social media you probably know that Meg and Elliott have announced they are leaving SourceFed/Nerd on the 15th and 30th of this month.

Things I will say:

1.  We love these two and wish them the best.

2.  As ALL OF A SUDDEN as this may appear, it is not.  We have been planning and building to this moment for a while.  We thought it was more respectful to let them tell you in their own ways.

3.  For those that trusted me to make this channel in the first place trust me again when I say this:  THIS IS ALL FOR THE BETTER.  In my opinion the channels had become stale, more of the same every day, and needed this shot in the arm.  I’m also changing things up internally to help SourceFed become the thing that I used to love and more.

4.  To answer the question WHERE IS ROSS?  We have moved him back over to writing stories.

5.  Once again trust me on this.  Half of you that are sad to see these guys go today are also the people who shouted for me to remove these two from the channel when they started.  

Love yo faces :)

Celebrated a great year with the DeFranco Inc crew like we normally do…air hockey, inflatable jousting, and weird sex stuff.

…also Lee giving me “creepy stare face”.

The world can always use a few more Joe Beretas.  

Played photographer with Meg Turney between my PDS and Drawing Board shoots.  I love black and white so much but I thought I’d give you a little color at the end.