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In the event that you have been living under a non-wifi-connected rock for the past seven years I will provide you with a brief background. Philip DeFranco is a YouTube personality who has been active on the Internet since 2006 when he launched his first YouTube channel “sxephil”. Since then his…

I figured I would write about this since I have received a good number of messages since this video was posted on Laci’s channel. (Video here)

I worded things very very poorly although I think some people understood what I meant.  And even some of those who did still did not like my answer which is fair.

So a few things:

1.  Laci didn’t “spring uncomfortable questions on me”.  She asked if I didn’t want to answer anything specific and I said, “No and don’t brief me first.  I like my answers to be candid and real”.  Shes not “the bad guy”.

2.  What I said can be understood differently based on the way the video jumped around the previous topic and my own fault of not fleshing out the point I was trying to make properly.  We were talking about porn stars and I was failing to properly say that for a while I would look at these women not as women but as sexual objects.  The same goes for the men in those videos.  They are imagery, an idea, a situation, and ultimately just sex.

3.  Women I don’t know ARE real women, but my ape/lizard brain recognizes a woman’s physical features before anything else is processed.  Usually lips, eyes, nose, and then on to the curves.  Without a conversation with that woman all I will ever know her as are those physical features.  Same thing with men.  

4.  Women were not put here on earth to objects of my pleasure or lust.  Nice leap there ;)

And I guess my main point here is, I understand why there can be so much outrage with such a big issue but know that I am a friend to women.  I may view women in a sexual manner but I won’t apologize for that.  When I look at a woman like Laci I see her as both sexually attractive but most notably an incredibly passionate, strong, and intelligent person.  I would never know the latter if I had never talked to her.

I’m not the best with words and sentences.  But maybe you’ll understand this.  I’m a man.  Flawed, sexually/intellectually hungry, good intentioned, and unwilling to be the effeminate castrated Ken doll some of you wanted me to be.

Love yo faces.

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    I guess at the end of the day, we agree to disagree. I’m with Phil. Of course, we view women as people with the...
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    I everyone does this, when we see something our brains make assumptions based on our environments and past experiences....
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    I guess there are aspects that can be viewed as sexist when it comes to the things Phil had talked about in that video...
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    I recommend everyone too read this. This is a prime example of the worst-case obsession that so many feminists have....