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The Standouts of E3 (Day 0)

The first day of E3 (before they open the floor) all the big boys show off new hardware, software, and the bin filled with sequels/annual sports releases that usually set the tone of the entire conference. But this year I noticed a few potentially awesome games that were brand new. NEW GAMES?!?! They still make those? This is awesome. I don’t mean to downplay sequels; I have a huge goner for AC3, but new titles are so much more exciting.

Keep in mind this is before they even let me touch/see the damn things in person, and Nintendo hasn’t even had their event yet.

But here we go in no particular order.

Last of Us Summary: From the guys who made the beautiful Drake’s Fortune franchise. Almost everyone is dead. Survival Game. A fucking beautiful survival game. A fucking beautiful survival game that has some intense action and makes me want to stab someone in the neck because this 10 minute clip shows they understand “mood” and how to translate that into a game.

Star Wars 1313 (Doesn’t count as original bc its Star Wars but…its too pretty not to share) Summary: Not sure if it sticks to the massive Star Wars universe story line, but in this M rated Stars Wars story if Jar Jar Binks existed he had is eyeys gouged out and then a Bounty Hunter force fucked his eye sockets. Beautiful, grungy, star wars. Also no this isn’t a cut scene this is the in game engine.

Beyond Summary: Made by the guys who made “Heavy Rain”. If you haven’t played that game yet fix that now. It was a game about choices. It emotionally impacted me more than 98% of games because they get good story telling. This sets the bar for “Beyond” incredibly high but with their story telling skill and Ellen Page voice acting the main character I expect greatness. ALSO SUPER POWERS!!!

Side Note: I love you Ellen Page

Watchdogs Summary: Awesome sandbox game that focuses on tech. Need a guy to move? Jam his cellphone so he moves for better reception. Need someone to stop trying to run away from you? Mess up the traffic lights to cause a crash that blocks in your target. Need to kill a guy? Shoot that guy in his face in beautiful slow mo, steal his car, and jump a bridge that you raised with your magic cellphone.

Which is the most exciting to you and why?

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  3. forgottenice-cream answered: watchdogs! a good game to be introduced into more hardcore gaming :)
  4. rushadee answered: Watch Dogs, definitely Watch Dogs… its cool to see a twist in open-world games
  5. icaza answered: Omg star wars 1313. Go go Bounty Hunters and jet packs!!
  6. c4pirate answered: watch dogs…check me out
  7. kwauku answered: watchdogs seems really dope, nothing on GTAV ?
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    Watchdogs, god of war ascension and AC3
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  15. markaamorossi answered: most excited about Halo 4, but between the new titles, Watch Dogs looks the coolest
  16. saltandpeppercomics answered: The Last Of Us or Watchdogs. Dunno why. Be most excited for a free PS3 to buy these games for.
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  18. embracingtherain answered: Beyond. I loved Heavy Rain and this game looks amazing! I love superpowers and gah! I’m just excited!
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  22. arnoutcoosemans answered: God of War ascension (duh, look at my avatar)
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    Click the title of this post for demo videos of all 4 games, specifically STAR WARS 1313 I am excited as FUCK for Star...
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  25. thatonenavyguy answered: Watch Dogs is what I’m most exited for!!
  26. yoshthatblackguy answered: Watchdogs by far
  27. titaniumjack answered: Watchdogs looked awesome, liking the Deus Ex-esque gameplay :)